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Canon DR-3060 (SCSI)

VRS 4.10 SP 2 Adrenaline 650i
Current Runtime:Adrenaline 450/650/650i Runtime 4.10.088
Cable Part#: SC-1026-0000
VRS Version: VRS 4.10 SP 2
Model Number: VP-W004-00S1
License Type: Workgroup
Controller Hardware: Adrenaline 650i (EH-650-2000)
Operating System: Refer to the application documentation for a list of
supported Operating Systems.
Minimum PC Requirement:Pentium IV 1.1 Ghz 256MB
Recommended PC:Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz 512MB
Technical Notes:

SCSI 3 to SCSI 2 Cable SC-1026-0000 Cable Notes
SCSI cable used to connect a SCSI III device/host to a SCSI II host/device. The SCSI II connector is an HD 50 style connector while the SCSI III connector is an HD 68 style connector.

Adrenaline 450/650/650i Runtime 4.10.088 Version Notes
This is the Adrenaline ImageControls Runtime for VRS 4.10 SP2

Adrenaline 650i Hardware Notes
Kofax stopped selling this product March 31, 2009. It may be possible to purchase an Adrenaline 650i board from a reseller who still has inventory.

The Adrenaline 650i SCSI Scanner Controller is the recommended solution when applications require Kofax Image Processing capabilities. It is a full height PCI board (3.25 in. [8.2 cm] High x 4.75 in. [12.2 cm] Long) with a wide-SCSI connector and is used to control mid-volume to high-speed production document scanners. It provides Black & White image processing capabilities.

Only full height PCI slot brackets are available. The board will not fit in slim computers that require less than full height brackets.

Model VP-W004-00S1 Notes
Kofax discontinued sales of this product effective December 31, 2008. However, it may still be available for purchase from a distributor or reseller.

As an alternative, purchase VP-W004-00U1. This provides the same software as was found in VP-W004-00S1, but does not include an Adrenaline SCSI card. You will need to purchase a SCSI card separately if you plan to utilize your scanner's SCSI interface.

Licensed version of VRS Professional for Workgroup type scanners. An Adrenaline 650i SCSI board is included. AIPE license is also included.

Ascent Capture 7.5 Application Version Notes

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