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VRS Elite 5.2
VRS Version: VRS Elite 5.2
Model Number: VR-5001-4000
License Type: Production
Operating System: Refer to the application documentation for a list of
supported Operating Systems.
Minimum PC Requirement:Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz 2048MB
Recommended PC:Intel Quad Core 2.40 Ghz 2048MB
Technical Notes:

DR-X10C CGA (VRS USB, VRS SCSI) Scanner Notes
The Canon DR-X10C is a Production scanner which is only certified with VRS and Kofax Express using a CGA board inside the scanner. The part number is VR-5001-4000.

This hardware VRS scanner is not compatible with the Canon Flatbed Scanner Unit 101/ 201.

DR-X10C CGA (VRS USB, VRS SCSI) Scanner Configuration Notes
Includes VRS 5.x Professional for Production scanners. Additional purchase is required for upgrading to VRS Elite.

VRS Elite 5.2 Version Notes

New in VRS 5.2:

  • Desktop Productivity simplifies scanning directly from frequently used Microsoft Office applications or Windows Explorer with a single mouse click. 
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Word
    • Windows Explorer
  • Expanded Support for Digital Annotation with all software VRS scanners including devices without an imprinter
  • Enhanced Auto Orientation allows you to ignore analysis of page margins to eliminate rotation errors 

Supported Operating Systems: To scan with Software VRS on Windows 8.x and 10, your scanner must have a Windows 8.x or 10 -certified ISIS driver. Check with the device manufacturer to confirm that your scanner will work with these operating systems.

Model VR-5001-4000 Notes
CGA Upgrade Option for Canon DR-X10C. Includes a licensed version of VRS Professional for Production Scanners and a CGA hardware accelerator board designed for the Canon DR-X10C scanner.

Kofax Capture 11.1 Application Version Notes

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